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Go beyond the SERP page with ad code by Advertizus. You search, we pay

Smart Links

The most effective and transparent monetization for extensions and websites, you've ever seen. With Smart Links we analyze and convert an existing links on the website into their affiliate equivalent. User and third party monetizations friendly solution, which doesn't affecting the layout and general external look of any website. One of the best monetization method for browser extensions.

Price Suggestor

We've connected with the industry leading Retailers to provide the best shopping experience. Fast and relevant search through the tons of products collects and drives the fairest results with the cheapest prices, depending on your user's activity. Use it to earn from extension like never before


Stay tuned with the industry leading Retailers, bring the Coupons and Vouchers to an audience of extension, website or blog. We'll analyze and suggest relevant and actual Coupons accurately, without ruining user experience and interface.

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